Your health is just as important as your job

If you get sick, your work is affected

Freelancers should take care of their health because their physical and mental health is essential to their ability to work and earn money. If a freelancer falls ill, they may be unable to meet deadlines and deliver quality work, which can result in lost revenue and clients. In addition, taking care of your health can also improve productivity and performance at work, which can lead to greater business success.

Health in freelancers can be challenging due to the nature of freelancing. Often, they work from home or in spaces that do not have ergonomic conditions, which can contribute to health problems such as lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and loneliness. They often have to deal with the stress of finding new clients and meeting tight deadlines, which can negatively affect their mental health.

What should your workspace have to be ergonomic??

Ergonomics is that the elements you use for your work adapt to you, not you to them. That is why, the more adjustable your tools such as chair, desk, lighting, temperature, etc., will be much better to take care of your physical health.

  1. Establish a regular schedule: Establishing a regular work and rest schedule will help to maintain a healthy rhythm of life and avoid excessive work.
  2. Exercise regularly: Exercise helps reduce stress, improve physical and mental health, and improve productivity.
    Set Boundaries with Clients and Friends: It’s important to set clear boundaries to avoid overwork and protect your time for rest and recreation.
  3. Establish a healthy workspace: Having a tidy and comfortable workspace with ergonomic conditions will help to maintain concentration and productivity.
  4. Take regular breaks: Taking regular breaks throughout the day will help relax your body and mind and improve concentration.
  5. Find support in a network of colleagues: Freelancers can benefit from talking with other freelancers and sharing experiences and advice.
  6. Regular medical care: It is important to continue to see a doctor regularly and treat any health problems early.
  7. Maintain an active social life: It is important to maintain social relationships and not isolate yourself to avoid mental health problems.

Find out what your workspace should have and how to put it together in the following video:

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