Recruit today, hire tomorrow

Take advantage of AI to automate your recruitment processes and select the candidates that best match the vacancy you are looking for without bias.

Recruit faster

Recruiting should not be a complex process

  • Alita helps you automate tedious tasks like creating job offers, setting up tests, pre-screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and more.
  • Using artificial intelligence algorithms, Alita helps you find the talents that best match your company and the role you are looking for without prejudice.
  • Centralize all your key candidate information in one place and make it easy for your recruiting team to access.
A new hiring experience

Alita, the ally for business success

  • Our AI-powered engine helps you easily summarize and interpret candidate resumes.
    Alita has multiple selection tests for digital roles and professions.
  • Alita automatically performs tests and automated interviews with candidates.
  • Our platform highlights ideal candidates and simplifies your hiring decision, without bias and faster.
  • Now you can evaluate specific and general skills, in addition to knowing the personality and values of each candidate, immediately.
How does it work?​

Manage your entire recruitment process

Find, hire and onboard the right person for each role

Organize your hiring process

Forget the hassle of scheduling interviews and involving your recruiting team for repetitive tasks. With our platform, you will have interview templates, notes and mentions. Now, your hiring process will be more efficient and organized.

It's time to hire smart!​

The tool you need to select the best talent is here.